About Us

Who We Are

Dumela Corp is a global IT, Business and Legal Process Outsourcing company focused on providing efficient solutions for your most complex technology and business problems.

At Dumela, we won’t just stop at product and service deliveries, our top-notch after-delivery support is intentional as the success of our clients is bound to our success. Our passion for what we do is the driving force behind all of our teams and processes, this drives us to work closely with our clients, to get a good understanding of your needs, products and service requirements.

Dumela, within its first year of operations, has presence in four regions spanning across Europe, Southern Africa and West Africa, with our global headquarters in the United States of America.

What We Do

When you need to outsource a project or function, whether due to a shortage of a particular skillset or just a need to augment your staff to complete a project faster, Dumela is ready to partner with you. We can draw from a deep pool of qualified professionals to provide a quick turnaround and continued support for your projects without sacrificing quality.


When you outsource your IT, business or legal processes to us, you gain the benefits of: 


Businesses today need to be fast and agile in order to keep up with the demands brought on by the rapid evolution of technology. We can help you move at the speed of business


Modern businesses maintain a competitive edge based on the quality of their products/ services and as a result, will need superior expertise and skills. Whether on short-term projects or for the long run, partner with us to help bring your ideas to life without sacrificing quality.


Limited resources and a stiff competitive landscape imply that organizations need to manage their cost profile while pursuing their innovation and service delivery objectives. We are a budget-conscious company with the ability to deliver high quality services efficiently.   


To be competitive and keep up with technological demands, businesses require flexibility to retain their skilled and valued workforce. We offer on-demand access to an additional trove of these skilled resources when needed without the need to maintain them during downtime.