At Dumela, we don’t believe work should be a place you have to go to; it should be a place you want to come to. We have fun, we have ambition and we are goal getters.

Dumela Talent Acquisition

Dumela Corp builds, operates, and manages quality distributed teams for businesses across the globe. We want our talent to feel challenged, engaged and empowered by creating an atmosphere that projects the business as a rewarding place to work.


Talent Sourcing 

Dumela develops and maintains a comprehensive database of exceptional talent for IT, Business and Legal operations.

Competence Assessment

The talent are tested and classified in line with skill and competence levels on an ongoing basis.



Available talent are matched to clients, partners, or projects based on skills, competence, price, and other parameters.


Project Management

Dumela plans, monitors, and manages the execution of projects to meet client specification, cost, and time deliverables.


Project Delivery 

Dumela carries out risk management, quality assurance and product testing to ensure that every delivery is perfect.

Students in Cafeteria

Continous Learning

We learn from each client engagement and project and apply lessons learned to iteratively improve employee performance, company processes and procedures, and ultimately client deliverables.

We are always on the lookout for superstars to join our team. If that’s you, why don’t you send us a copy of your CV/Resume to If we have no positions that fit, we will hold on to your CV for up to six months in case the right position comes up.