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IT Outsourcing

Every organization wants to use technology to enhance productivity, but most don’t have the in-house tech teams required to achieve that goal. Dumela is a treasury of skillful IT experts who will use innovative technology solutions to help you achieve your business goals more efficiently. [paragraph break] Our extensive IT service offerings include software development, remote infrastructure management (RIM), systems integration, package software implementation and support, IT consulting, embedded systems, project design, and plant engineering, all optimized towards the needs of your business.

Our IT Services include

Software Development

​We offer a pool of technical resources with high level of expertise in various software development and DevOps skillset. Our team is equipped to tackle the architecture,  design, programming and ongoing maintenance of your software deliverable. Our software development  methodologies are aligned with best industry practices such as agile, automation, continuous  integration and continuous delivery ensuring a flexible fit to your organizational approach.

Software Testing and QA

Reliability, scalability and robustness form the pillars of our testing and quality assurance offering. Our team of testing and quality assurance engineers make use of the best software testing and innovative tools to eliminate errors and minimize bugs. Our testing and QA capability includes functional testing, usability testing, performance testing, security testing, compatibility testing and mobile app testing.

Cloud Services

Our cloud service offering covers cloud migration, hyperscale integration, modernization, management and innovation required to help organizations unlock the full potential and value of the cloud. Our cloud engineers have  expertise in a variety of public cloud platforms such as  Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud (GCP).

IT Security

Our in-house cyber security experts are fully equipped to help our customers set up IT Security tools with Security Ops to audit and secure IT infrastructure, prioritize vulnerabilities and respond to Incidents forestalling  potential Impact on your business or applications.  We provide IT security services that include risk assessment, vulnerability assessment,  network security, threat modeling, incident  management and monitoring.