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The Dumela Advantage

What is the Dumela Advantage?

Dumela -- pronounced doo-meh-lah -- dumela means hello in the Sotho language (South Africa). Yes, think Adele singing Hello and consider this our way of reintroducing you to Africa. We are a group of tech-fueled professionals seeking to change the narrative about outsourcing and business in Africa. So, from Africa to you, Dumela.

Newly emergent out of the heart of Africa, Dumela Corp provides an alternative to existing outsourcing providers around the world. We are a responsive, ethical outsourcing company and our mission is to be the clear quality and price leader in the IT, Business and Legal Process Outsourcing (ITO/BPO/LPO) industries. We provide cutting-edge technical support, operational efficiency and world-class professionals to partner with our clients and help them achieve their business goals.  

Dumela’s mission is to be the clear quality and price leader in ITO, BPO and LPO. We deliver on this mission across all of our services by prioritizing what matters most to our customers: high-end talent, cost control, and flexibility


We tap into Africa’s emergent talent markets to bring you exceptional, tech-savvy service at competitive prices. 


Africa is the fastest-growing continent for software developers globally and is rapidly becoming a leading source of high-quality talent at below-market prices. Across the continent, demographic and labor-market trends mean that Africa is producing far more young talent than it can provide jobs for, creating a largely untapped pool of high-end yet affordable talent. Dumela’s outsourcing services give you unique access to that talent pool and its advantages, all overseen and coordinated by our US-based executive team.

Cost Control

We structure contracts that keep you in control of your own bottom line.


Dumela offers competitive pricing by leveraging our deep network of smart, motivated, and overlooked African talent. But we know that our clients need more than an attractive starting rate -- you need to maintain control over your costs even as a project develops. That’s why we give you space to adjust project requirements by up to 10% without changing your cost, so that your needs will be fully met without the fear of any end-of-project sticker shock.


We build responsive project and service teams to align with the needs and hours of your business. 


One of the most common challenges to effective outsourcing is rigid team structures that aren’t able to adapt to your needs the way your internal teams can. Dumela solves this problem through custom structuring and onboarding of our project and service teams to meet the unique needs of your business and respond as they evolve. We also take advantage of being dispersed across multiple time zones to ensure that teams are available during any hours you need them.

Ethical Outsourcing

We care about the communities we work in


As an ethical outsourcing business, we take pride in our commitment to the communities where our team members live. When you work with Dumela, you choose to be part of a win-win equation: Your company benefits from our quality and price advantages, and we break barriers that limit opportunities for talented young professionals in Africa.