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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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With an unusual educational background in IT, Law and Business, Akin is an embodiment of the type of unique talent that has long gone unnoticed coming out of Africa.

He holds dual degrees in computer science and engineering, dual advanced degrees in Strategic Management and Business Administration and a Juris Doctor from Howard University.

After immigrating to the United States in 1998, Akin has worked with several technology giants, often in a counsel position, managing global teams, partners and vendors across the world.


As part of his commitment to humanism, and the community he grew up in, Akin is also the co-founder of Community Based Development Partners (CBDP), an NGO that partners with underserved communities to provide healthcare, technology and education support.

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

A 20-year software development and engineering veteran, Ayo oversees Dumela’s Engineering, QA and Testing functions. He is also responsible for product development and product management.

Ayo has deep experience building enterprise software solutions in various industries including financial services, sports and entertainment. Over the years, he has developed an eye for fine product design and maintainable software, finding that these are the intrinsic values to great products. His hands-on approach to software management helps lead by example. 

His professional interests include building enterprise applications, data analytics and software engineering management with emphasis on increasing performance metrics.

 Ayo is an avid chess player. He enjoys mentoring engineers and helping young kids develop interest in software development. He serves as Technology Director at CBDP where he volunteers his time teaching kids about technology.

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Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Joanna currently splits her time between our UK and US offices, she oversees operations across the board and is responsible for upholding the Dumela culture and operational excellence across the company.

Joanna is a business generalist with a vast array of experience from several industries ranging from banking all the way to higher education.

Joanna has led cross country and global projects and comes to us with more than 15 years of experience, her most recent being entrepreneurship in the apparel industry.

When not working, Joanna is an avid linguist, can be found with her mum hat on, busting stereotypes and being “a cool mum.”



Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Tobi heads our information technology teams, and comes to us with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, starting as a systems engineer and then moving into networks, data center and cloud architecture, working with large enterprise customers on designing and implementing IT solutions.

In addition to heading our UK base, Tobi also leads our security strategy, implementation and innovation lab.


Tobi, an Electrical Engineering graduate from Nigeria who moved to the UK in 2003, like the rest of the team, is passionate about making sure talent from developing countries is harnessed and utilized without creating a brain drain on their countries. He is always eager to share and pass on his knowledge and experience especially to the younger generation in this exciting technological era.



Executive VP, Customer Success

Another dynamo, with an educational background in computer engineering and business management, Leke is responsible for the success of our projects and your satisfaction. Not a stranger to jobs with a global scope, Leke has worked around the world as a systems integration specialist, he comes to Dumela with 12 years of experience in the IT/cloud services field.


A perfectionist at heart, when Leke isn't working, he can be found hiking, listening to music or getting yet another certification.