IT, Business & Legal Process Outsourcing

From Africa to the World

Our experienced IT professionals can accelerate your company’s growth by taking your software projects to the next level at affordable rates.

Business Process

Our energetic and experienced BPO services team will help you reduce complexity and improve efficiency in your back-end processes, so that you can focus on achieving your most important business results.

Legal Process

Our LPO teams use technology to speed up the processes and deliverables on your litigation support, contracts management and compliance projects.


Maintain a firm grip on outsourced IT, Business and Legal Processes with Dumela 

Highly Qualified and Experienced Professionals

Hire the services of highly qualified talent across diverse professional fields and areas of competence. We are experienced, budget-conscious and quality driven.

Contracts with Variation Allowances

With Dumela’s 10% A4V® Guarantee, clients have better control of their costs and project budgets with room to adjust requirements by up to 10% of original plans.

Responsive Project Teams

Our teams are divided into two sub-teams to provide near round-the-clock coverage and align to work hours that match our clients’ locations. We model our teams during onboarding to align with your team’s need.